Video Access problems: Foscam Plugin blocked

Browsers block an outdated unsigned Foscam Plugin

lake view blue iris feed

A great view, if you can access the video stream

My oldest camera is a Foscam FI9804W that looks out over the lake at my cabin. It is becoming difficult to watch the video in a conventional web browser. However, I have a couple of work-arounds.

I usually access my IP-camera-video via Blue Iris a camera management & video surveillance program, but sometimes I watch cameras on my laptop away from home. The problem is that the needed FI9804W plugin is ‘unsigned’ (unregistered) by the vendors and it is being blocked by most browsers. The block relates to increased internet-security and is done for a reason, PC security.

Alternatives ways to access video streams for an older Foscam

One option for PC-browser access is to use the Firefox Nightly-Edition. This is a developer/development version that has a bunch of safeguards disabled. It works for this job (up to now) but I wouldn’t use it for other day to day web surfing. You could browse malicious code. The Firefox Nightly worked for Slingbox viewers also: I have frustrating problems connecting with my home Slingbox on some PCs.

I recently decided to bypass the browser problem, at least for viewing, by installing the $10 Blue Iris App that allows a phones & tablets to hook up to my home copy of Blue Iris. There are versions for Android and iPhone. It has to work in tandem with the Blue Iris mothership running on a PC (or emulator).

The Plugins for my other cameras must have the necessary verification and approvals because they still work, once you run the add-on utility. This older camera currently has my favorite view out over a lake. I think I need to switch my cameras around or replace the blocked Foscam FI9804W, but right now it is too cold and there is a foot of snow around the lakeside cabin.

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